Centennial Campaign

Dearest alumni, friends, and family,

Camp - it's a glow no tide can ever break, through laughter, smiles or tears.

We celebrated a wonderful Winnebagan 100th on the shores of Echo Lake, enjoying traditions, camp songs, a final campfire and thousands of tales filled with reminiscing, pep and vim.

As you know, the Winnebago Alumni Association is committed to facilitating diversity at Winnebago for the next 100 years by establishing a $500,000 endowment to fund scholarships. As we charge through the 4th quarter of our 5-year Capital Campaign, we are more than half way to that goal, thanks to donations from many generous alumni, including the following individuals and families who recently joined the Centennial Circle with gifts of $5,000 or more:

William Lauder, David Wong, Dan Hirschhorn, Jeffrey Steiner, Jim Astrove, Ben Lilienthal, Peter Newman, Steve Gold, the Schanzer Family, Laurence Goldfarb, Ben Gideon, David Landis, Ricky Gropper, and the Gutenstein Family.

When is the game won? "In the 4th quarter!" We need your support to reach our goal. Please join the Campaign at a level that commemorates Winnebago’s camping tradition:

Mt. Blue: $100
Mt. Tumbledown: $250
Moose River: $350
Penobscot River: $500
St. Croix River: $750
Mt. Katahdin: $1,000
Allagash River: $2,500
Centennial Circle: $5,000

We also invite you to join the Centennial Circle with a multi-year pledge (e.g., $1,000 x 5 years or $1,250 x 4 years). To make a pledge, please contact our Treasurer, Ethan Ris, before October 1 so we can include your name in a special feature in the fall Winnebago Alumni Newsletter.

Here's the link to donate, or send a check to:
Winnebago Alumni Association
401 St. Christophers Rd.
Richmond, VA 23226

Let's keep those campfire embers glowing and that patrol game charge heading towards the pin box. Have fun and carry on...

The Winnebago Alumni Association Board